Web Pages WordPress HTML5

Web Pages WordPress HTML5

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Since I was a child, I have always liked making websites even though I never published them. I started with Frontpage 2000 that came with Office 2000. My vision and my knowledge have been advancing since then, getting to use Dreamweaver, Flash … Getting to work with HTML5 and CSS3 codes.

I even published a web page dedicated to Sonic, however, I had to leave it for the studies. It served me as an experience to make my website dedicated to my creations.

Now, currently, I work in a company where I can work doing Mashups, Web Applications, WordPress, PrestaShop and everything that is needed, where I am learning JavaScript and TypeScript. Very happy that the hobby became a job where I am happy with the opportunity to be useful with my knowledge and to learn many things.

Here you have the best works that I did in the INEM course of Preparation and Publication of Web Pages at the Centro Adalid de Parla (Madrid). They are all in HTML5 / CSS3..

Páginas Web HTML5 WordPress
This was the final exam for Module 2. A newspaper about culture and leisure.
Get an 8'5.
I did it in July 2019, so that you can see the news more coherently.
Páginas Web HTML5 WordPress
This was a practice for pages with OnePage with a special navigation effect, which I would later use for my personal Otakón page. Here I wanted to practice more the visual part and the footer than the content.
I remember that to compensate for the lack of content, I put a link to the largest website about the Alien franchise.

To download: Right mouse button and “Save Link As …”


Páginas Web HTML5 WordPress
Web that I have commissioned in my work.