cómics Originales fanzines Otakón


cómics Originales fanzines Otakón


cómics Originales fanzines Otakón



In this section, you can read these comics directly using
a special control to display the pages without leaving the section.

Color and Fun

16 pages. In spanish.
Comic and Hobbies for children. Where they can learn to color and read while playing pastimes with Diego Velázquez.

Miku Remix Upload.

16 pages. In spanish.
This was the first comic that I sold, it's second version.
Miku Hatsune is late for a concert.

Natsume Vol. 1.

16 pages. In spanish.
Comic made in pencil, the daily life of Sakura Natsume and her friends. In this chapter, she will try to buy a comic.


20 pages. In spanish.
Did you think that princesses can't be superheroines? Of course yes! Join Princess Rosa and her friends to fight evil.


Here will go the comics that contain many pages,
with two languages or with a lot of weight.

 All are in PDF format with an external link.

My Little Party

My Little Pony

18 pages
18 MB.

In english


A compilation of the comic strips or short comics that I made about My Little Pony for several years.

Unleashed Vol. 1


43 pages plus Extras
389 MB.

In english.

Fight, action and drama.

The Litzy Stormfire story where she and her family were victims of a cold-blooded murder. She miraculously survives, travels the world in search of revenge.

Unleashed Vol. 2


50 pages
42 MB.

In english.

Fight, action and drama.

In this second chapter, Litzy is accused of an unknown crime in a strange and dark city.


Do you have a story that you want to turn into a comic? Or maybe you want me to do an adventure about you and your favorite characters?

If you are interested in making you a comic like these, you can check the prices and send me a message here.