Rafael Segado Holgado Otakón

Yo en Heroes Comic Con de Madrid.

  • Artistic Name: Otakón
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Born: 7 of june of 1984
  • Community/State: Madrid

Artistic supplies I use regularly:

  • Wacom Cintiq13 HD
  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • Traditional: Faber Castell pencils, colored pens and inks.


As a person:

I am quite an innocent person, I always try to look on the good side of people, sometimes it is hard for me to see the badness of people.

Many times I am laughing and thinking about my things, I am very smiling.

I studied up to a Professional Training Medium Degree in Consumer Electronics.

Then I worked for many years in the family business (pastry, bakery …) until it closed in May 2019 due to my father’s retirement.

Thanks to this job, I changed my mindset and my way of working.


As an artist:

The most outstanding thing about me is that I am very persistent, if I want something and I can’t get it, it is hard for me to leave it until I see that it is impossible.

One of the things I want to do most in life is to make a living from drawing because I love it.

It is not easy for me since I have no talent, I do not have a clear understanding of anatomy, I lack vision, brush work is fatal and there are concepts of drawing that still escape me or are difficult for me to learn.

However, I am fighting for it day by day.

A sign that it is possible are the orders I receive every day from followers and casual clients.

In addition to influential people in my life who live from it, so it does not seem impossible to me, although it is difficult in my case since I do not have a style or drawings that attract attention.


Beginnings and style:

I have been drawing only Sonic since March 2004 (a fateful date for the Spanish) (specifically, only from Cream the Rabbit) and then I gradually increased the level of difficulty, daring with the manga.

But I gave it up as it cost me a lot, then I tried the cartoon style with My Life as a Teenager Robot, and it went better than expected.

So I started drawing cartoon style until I tried the manga style again.

Nowadays, it is still difficult for me to draw manga style but I feel the progression, with the cartoon style I am looking for my own drawing style.

I have also been developing the furry / anthro style from Sonic to creating my own characters.


Originals characters:

In 2006 I created my first original character, I really like girls with pigtails so I drew my character with pigtails and I tried to give it a childish look and be beautiful. That is how he believes Sakura Natsume.

Many people believe that I copy Miku Hatsune, when the reality is that Miku was born in 2007.

Then I had more creations like Litzy Stormfire or the SuperPrincess. Of which all have their own as a comic (You can read them here).

For a commission for a hentai story of Shadow and Rouge, I have been creating new characters by giving a story to Rouge’s family life. Here mother Moulin, sister Ruby Rose, secondary as the maids.


Between hobby and work:

At the end of August 2013, my first order arrived. It was an 11 page hentai comic between Sonic and Blaze.

When I finished it, I thought it was going to be a casual assignment, I was wrong.

At that time I began to receive orders one after the other so that it changed my life, as an artist and as a person.

Thanks to the money I earned, I was able to go to conventions to sell my comics and drawings, I was able to finance projects and improve tools such as the graphic tablet.

I started just doing Sonic commissions, today I have various types and some keep repeating with me since (according to what they tell me) I am quite creative, I have good ideas and I am honest.

Regarding the prices, some criticized me since I do not value myself enough for having the cheap prices, on the other hand, if I feel valued by the clients I have and who gave me their total confidence for the projects, those prices and my way of being I They have made it possible to win more fixed customers and money than expected.


Creation of webpages:

Since I was a child, I have always liked creating things, I had a stage in which I dedicated myself exclusively to making web pages, although I did not publish them, but I had fun creating them.

I used Microsoft Frontpage 2000, then I used Macromedia Dreamweaver 2004, where I got to publish my first web pages on a server where I could upload 100 Megs for free (I no longer remember the name of the site), I made two pages.

One personal geek and one about Sonic that I had numerous visits from, unfortunately, I was leaving them for a lifestyle.

Soon after, I received a visit in the workshop from a professor I had, who started his own graphic and web design company, and he looked for me to hire me.

Unfortunately, I had to turn it down as I didn’t want to leave my father alone, however I was able to make him a web page in Flash Macromedia.